“In the five years that I have been buying pork from Tim Fischer, I noticed immediately that the quality of Fischer Farms pork was far superior to any of the factory farm pork products that I had previously used. When you first taste the pork loin, you’ll notice that it has a flavor, and that it’s not just some innocuous ‘other white meat’. The pork shoulder has the perfect amount of marbling and is wonderfully tender. The bacon’s flavor is much more than simply salty. You can tell that Tim cares for his hogs in the diet that they’re fed, and in the humane manner in which he raises them. Being a small business owner myself, one of the ways I feel better about the work I do is to but directly from local Minnesota farmers, and not a big name corporation. Fischer Family Farms Pork has been great to work with, and I couldn’t imagine buying from anyone else.”

Linda Haug
Café Twenty Eight


"We've been using Fischer's boneless shoulder and loin at Sen Yai Sen Lek  ever since we opened and have had nothing but positive comments from our customers and staff about the quality and excellent flavor of the pork. Our bartender, in particular, has made it her mission to recommend to our guest  any dish that features Tim and Marijo's pork on our menu. We use a boneless shoulder which has the right amount of fat for our Thai red barbecue pork and Fischer's pork loin provides us with a lean and wonderfully flavorful cut that is excellent for stir frying. We couldn't be happier with the pork that makes its way into our kitchen. It's an excellent product."

Joe Hatch-Surisook
Sen Yai Sen Lek


"Lucia’s focus is local, seasonal cuisine. Tim Fischer’s pork fits in perfectly. The flavor of his pork is unique, and delicious. The cooks love working with his products!"

Lucia Watson
Lucia’s Restaurant

Here at Moose and Sadie’s, we try to always use the best local ingredients available. That’s why we’ve been using Fischer Farms bacon and sausage for over a year now, and our customers absolutely love it. Tim Fischer’s pork consistently has superior flavor and quality, and the old-fashioned style of raising the pigs is evident in the wonderful taste.

Peter Kirihara
Moose & Sadie’s Café

All Pork Is Product of USA